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alexmanuel-sims said: ♫ Finally it is happened to me, finally it is happened to me. ♫

:D :D <3 I would carry on the lyrics but i’m unsure what song it is lmao! ^.^

reckless-sims said: Yasssss so pretty

^.^ Thankyouu <3


where you get that dreamcatcher from?? thanks xx

I honestly can’t remember. I’ve tried searching for that specific one but no luck :/ Sorry! If I do find, I’ll update this post.

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2 questions.. when will your machinima be up? i cant wait to see it looks great! and are you going to upload the airport when your finished? well even if its not finished i'd still like to use it for my series thanks!

Hi! Thankyou! and I can’t give you specific time as to when as things in my life are pretty hectic at the moment, I’ve started a new job and rarely have time for anything but it’s just a temp job so once i’m finished i’ll defo have more time to do things, but I would say around the Autumn period. I don’t think i’ll be able to get much done in the summer as i’m going on holiday next month and I won’t be back until September. Sorry for the wait >.<  In regards to the airport I don’t think i’ll be sharing for now anyways. It has a lot of CC that I couldn’t possibly find and a lot of stuff I’ve converted so I wouldn’t be able to share it publicly. If you want you can message me off Anon and I wouldn’t mind sending you some airport decor I have converted if your up for building an airport on your own! If not you could look on TSR they should have some airports already built! Sorry for being no help! <3

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WCIF the eyebrows from the picture on January 24th? Thank you!

I honestly don’t remember where I got any of my sims eyebrows from :/ Sorry!

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Where do you get your sims eyebrows and clothes from ?

I usually just look through MS3B or through the S3cc tag :)

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Where do you Get your sims hair from?

I mostly get my hair from: plumbombshell, plumb-bombs, fanaskher & bysimmoa. Sorry I can’t link as I am on my phone

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Do you know a website That has for sims eyes Like {hazel , blue}

Brntwaffles has a good variety of contacts which you can recolour to your preference in game. Sorry I can’t link right now as I am on my phone

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Stopping by to tell you I love your Sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite Sim of yours, and send this to 10 Simblrs whose Sims you adore. ♥ *hugs*

Awh thankyouuu Alex *hugssss* <3333 I’ll do Lori ;)

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